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VUCA training at venerable site - Glas(s)Campus Torgau

23. October 2021by glascampus

Cchange for that the old may join the new.

A central element of our training was an accompanying appreciation for #mindfulness and open-heartedness. We created conditions for participants to explore what it means to be mindful and we examined the difference it makes when being in various states of absence, which in some way make us dull and only marginally interested in the nuances and in-betweens of life.

As to open our perspective and to be able to distinguish well, we probed ways to strengthen our “inner observer” that helps us to take a step back, to gain some distance, or to find some rest. Even if only for a short moment, this may have a decisive influence on the quality of both action or reaction.

Also offered were various methods and tools that help to address the omnipresent challenges of modern times; times which demand questioning and loosening old patterns of perception and thinking, cultivating conscious listening, and trusting the competence of the heart. These require an appreciative inner and outer leadership that enable anticipating, seeing and indulging in novelty and smallest steps of change. Additionally, we included an introduction and practical guidance to approaches and potentials of #cradletocradle.

The training took place on the historic premises of Hartenfels Castle in Torgau, Germany, where in the year 1544 Martin Luther dedicated the castle’s chapel which later became known as the first Lutheran church in the world. The participants were managers and team leaders of different levels at the Villeroy&Boch subsidiary in Torgau. Our time together took shape and unfolded following the principles of #theoryu, which has now become a major force for stewarding change in the world.