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Module 4 invites to


in an ongoing gym-style module with 2 online tracks per months


Practice and cultivate to reflect and act upon your goals and obstacles in more flexible and innovative ways
Practice and cultivate to map inputs and outputs that are usually not considered in order to think and act away from the traveled path
Practice and cultivate to gain a helicopter view of the wider context of your work and see beyond the normal range of your authority
Practice and cultivate to listen deeply and foster good conversations in order to explore hidden capacities and bring them to life
Practice and cultivate to allow for a momentary space of not knowing and, thus, find the balance between reflection and action


ongoing online tracks; 1.5 hours each
every other Thursday, staring in June 2024
Prerequisite: Module 3

The journey of developing self and systems awareness involves acquiring new skills, forming habits, and expanding knowledge. Sustainable progress, however, relies on the crucial elements of repetition and ongoing practice.

These are vital for fostering new neural pathways in the brain. Regular engagement with desired behaviors strengthens these new connections, aiding future execution and continuous improvement, akin to athletes honing skills.

With the support of a regular practice field, we have the chance to experience the relapse not as a setback, but as a renewed reminder and opportunity to become who we wish for ourselves and our systems to eventually become.

In other words, with support we develop the resilience and perseverance necessary to surmount difficulties and maintain progress. Embracing repetition and ongoing practice is crucial, and this module provides both.